PB Doctors!!

We all struggle with finding a doctor that understands our decision to eat plants. Lets help each other out and in turn help our awesome PB Doctors out.

Folks, if you have a general practitioner, or specialist that advocates OR supports a plant-based lifestyle, please leave their name, city and state in a comment below and I'll add it to this list. This list is obviously a work in progress and your input will be invaluable!!



Malcolm Mackay, MD (Melbourne, Australia) http://drmalcolmmackay.com.au/

United States:
  1. Michael Klaper (Santa Rosa, CA)
  2. Brittany Goss - Rheumatologist (Napa, CA)
  3. Hans Diehl (Loma Linda, CA) 
  4. Mark Berman (San Francisco, CA). Tel: (415) 529-4099.
  5. Alan Goldhamer (Santa Rosa, CA). Tel: (707) 586-5555 ext 2022 
  6. Michael Klaper (Santa Rosa, CA).
  7. Connie Sanchez (San Francisco, CA). Tel: (720) 206-4440 
  1. Janette Negron - Pediatrician, Physicians Associates (Clermont, FL)
  1. David Klein, Hygienic Doctor; Director of Colitis and Crohn’s Health Recovery Center ~http://www.colitis-crohns.com~http://www.digestionperfection.com (Paia, HI). Email: dave@colitis-crohns.com; Tel: (808) 572-0861 
  1. Ashwani Garg, MD - Family Practice (Hoffman Estates, IL). Tel: (847) 994-5001
  2. Abbas Rampurwala, MD - Cardiology (Elgin, IL). Tel: 847-637-5333
  1. James Wheeler (Louisville, KY).

  1. Dana S. Simpler - Internal Medicine (Baltimore, Maryland). Tel: 410-563-1700 
  1. Erica Bailey - Ob/Gyn Nurse Practitioner (Framingham, MA)
  2. Joseph Oren (Boston, MA)
  1. David Hamaker PA-C, Hamilton Community Health Care (Burton, MI). Tel: (810) 743-6830
  1. Dr. Mary (Clifton) Wendt - Internal Medicine (Duluth, MN). 
  1. Tracy Fritz (Fenton, MO).
New Jersey
  1. Elaine Hardy - Family nurse practitioner (Hackettstown, NJ). Tel: (908) 850-0888
  2. Vincent Renzi (Moorestown, NJ)
North Dakota
  1. Dr. Paul Chan (Grand Forks, ND).
  1. David Shewmon, MD - Endocrinology, Cleveland Clinic (Lakewood, OH). Tel: (216) 444-6568
  2. Margaret (Peggy) Lionberger, DO (Athens, OH). Tel: (740) 589-3100
  3. Delbert Hoppes, DO (Mt. Gilead, OH). Tel: (419) 947-3015
  4. Melissa K. McRae, DO (Mt. Gilead, OH). Tel: (419) 946-1085
  1. Richard Grunden - General practitioner (Marietta, PA) 
South Carolina
  1. William Phillips - Cardiologist (Columbia, SC).
  1. Linda Carney, MD (Buda, TX) 
  2. Arie Marancenbaum, MD - Family Medicine, ER, Wound Care Physician (Dallas, TX)

Other available lists:
  1. http://michaelbluejay.com/veg/doctors.html

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