July 9, 2011

20 min Chicken Nuggets

Even though its a weekend and I "could have-should have" spent time on a lavish dinner, we ate lunch out at our favorite mexican restaurant in Ashland, OH (Casa Fiesta ... yummmy!). So I decided to try a quick recipe that an old friend shared with me a few weeks ago. Thanks Shital!!!

Total Prep Time: about 20 min (or so!)


1) 1 chicken breast (thawed)
2) 1/2 cup bread crumbs
3) 1 egg
4) seasoning


Cut the meat into small "finger-food" pieces (~ 1 square inch). Dip the chicken and then coat with the seasoned bread crumbs. Bake @ 375F for about 15 min. Turning over once in between. Makes about 8-10 small nuggets. I served these with ketchup and steamed buttered green beans. Here's a picture of Nik enjoying his dinner!!Thanks again, Shital ... it was a hit with him just as it has been with Ruhi :)!!! ... as for the green beans (.. not so much today!)!

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  1. Oh my little rascalla :-)) he so totally looks like he looks forward to his everyday surprise that mama rustles up :-)) am still trying to figure if Nikky likes non-vegetarian more than cheezy veggy dinners?? also why no recipes with eggs??