April 14, 2012

Cheesy Tofu on Toast

Last week I tried Breakfast Tacos and was reminded of my years in Austin Texas. This weekend I wanted to make something we often made at home in India .... Cheesy Eggs on Toast ..... 

Prep Time: 10 min. or less

Ingredients & Directions: I followed the HH Tofu Scramble recipe, with about double the amount of nutritional yeast so add more cheesy flavor. Just as the scramble was getting done, I added some diced tomatoes to the pan and stirred them in. In a separate skillet, I added a splash of water, salt and red Chilli peppers, and threw in a half of a thinly sliced onion and sautéed it for a couple of minutes. Toast a couple slices of bread (any kind) and top off with a heaped serving of Tofu Scramble, and top it off with sautéed onions. As you can see, I added some salsa on top, but it wasn't necessary at all to enjoy the flavors. Now I didn't have any Daiya (or other non-dairy cheese) at home, so I simply doubled on the nutritional yeast  today. If you have any Daiya cheese at home sitting around, mix in some shredded Cheddar for some traditional cheesy flavor, or add some shredded Pepper Jack to get a little Mexican kick!! 

Happy Eatings ... !
Thanks to the crumbly eggs on top, this dish is best eaten at a table :) If you add cheese to the scramble before removing it from the stove, the cheese melts, to make it nice and gooey .. and you can eat it on the couch ;-) 

For the Tofu-averse, you can most definitely make this with eggs as well!! Enjoy!! 

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