May 27, 2012

HH Chickpea Tacos

One of the most inspiring websites/blogs I found in the early days of becoming plant-based was Happy Herbivore. Since then I follow the blog daily and I also have both of Lindsay's cookbooks. One of the recipes that I've been thinking of trying for a long time and I haven't gotten around to, until now, is Chickpea Tacos. I made it today and boy - do I regret not having made It before. I usually have all the ingredients on hand - which happens to be the best part about the HH recipes and both cookbooks - simple recipes with simple ingredients. 

Prep Time:  15 min. 
Ingredients: See Chickpea Tacos

Directions: I followed the recipe as written, with the exception that I made the chickpeas in a skillet. I lined the skillet with water, added all the ingredients and kept it going until the water was almost dry. The blog recipe uses taco seasoning, but the recipe in the HHC book asks for individual components of taco seasoning - one of which is granulated onions. That's what you see in the picture below. Also, I used whole wheat tortillas and made soft tacos, instead of using shells.

My Assessment: A++

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  1. Tacos looks yum..:)) Adding chickpeas is a wonderful twist..:))