June 17, 2012

Edamame & Mushroom Quick Stir Fry

After I was done with dinner tonight (Stir Fried Broccolini), I realized I did not have any leftovers for lunch tomorrow. I had a couple packs of assorted mushrooms in the fridge, and a bag of shelled Edamame (New Veggie #3) in the freezer and settled on a stir-fry. Both mushrooms and edamame are great in stir fried dishes, but unlike some of the greener veggies like beans and broccoli, still taste good the next day. This stir-fry is one of my most favorite recipes and goes well with a variety of different vegetables and even tofu. It is most definitely a gimme more :) 

Prep Time: 7-10 min

  1. 1 cup Mushrooms (Cremini)
  2. 1 cup shelled Edamame
  3. 2 tsp Ginger-Garlic Paste
  4. 2 tbsp Low-Sodium Soy Sauce
  5. 1 tbsp Vegetarian Oyster Sauce**
  6. Freshly cracked pepper, to taste
Line a skillet with water and add ginger-garlic paste and soy sauce. Once the ginger-garlic are fragrant, and almost dry, add mushrooms and thawed edamame and toss well. Remove from heat and add oyster sauce and toss again. Garnish with freshly cracked black pepper and serve hot, or pack it away for lunch! Yum every time! 

* This is a 'no added salt' recipe i.e. no salt is added over and above what is already in the condiments.
** In place of Vegetarian Oyster Sauce, I've use Vegetarian versions of Hoisin, Pad Thai and Kung Pao sauces as well. Basically, any Asian sauce works well in this Quick Stir Fry!


  1. Hey there, do you take reader requests/questions? :)
    Any suggestions for a healthy and (importantly) quick to make breakfast for a 1 year old? He likes cheese but refuses bread. Doesn't like hard boiled eggs though I've had limited success with very soft scrambles. And he likes cheerios with milk. But that doesn't give me enough options.
    Reasonably soft and mushy food would be good because he isn't a big chewer!
    Going to try out a couple of your soup recipes for dinnertime, have to go get some barley and the TVP first!

    1. Have you tried cream of wheat, or adult oatmeal (Nik was not a fan of the baby stuff, but loved the adult oatmeal). There are flavored multi-packs out there but they usually have a lot of sugar and processed stuff. I'd buy the regular unflavored oatmeal and mix fruit purees or small pieces into it (if Sunay likes fruit!). The other thing that really worked for Nik, for breakfast was french toast - made the Indian "salty" way rather than sweet! I'd cut that into strips and @1 year - he would pick it up and eat by himself. You can also make little patties with potatoes and eggs (if he likes eggs) and pan fry those (like tater tots). One thing that also worked for Nik was southwestern style scrambled eggs (with a little bit of mild salsa cooked into the eggs (a lot more flavorful!). Try these and if I think of anything else, I'll email you!! Hugs!

  2. Yup, I (before reading your comment) tried unflavored adult oatmeal today with some cinnamon, milk and a pinch of sugar thrown in! It went down without too much fuss. I should definitely try French toast. You are right that he is seeking more flavorful foods and has moved on from bland mush. :) Do the potato-egg patties take long to make? Have you got a quick recipe for them? I'll try the southwestern scramble also, sounds delicious. Thank you!!

    1. Try berries in his oatmeal ... loads of antioxidants :) !! I've tried blueberries, red raspberries, black raspberries .... !! Try my Shrimp & Tater Flats recipe (obviously w/o the shrimp) for making the potato patties. Its super easy. These days you can even buy frozen hash-brown potatoes in the store. Simply take some out of the bag, mix the egg and spices and fry 'em up in a skillet. You don't even really need the bread crumbs! Hope he likes it!