August 5, 2012

Oven Fried Green Tomatoes

At Norman Yoder's farm market earlier this week, I picked up green tomatoes. Now I've had green tomatoes before but only as 'Fried Green Tomatoes' in restaurants. Each and every time I am reminded of The Whistle Stop Cafe :) !! This time, though I was craving fried green tomatoes, I knew I wasn't going to be eating deep fried, egg and breadcrumb coated tomatoes. I needed a healthier version. Someone suggested a FFVK version but I didn't have several key ingredients. Then Lindsay Nixon (aka Happy Herbivore) suggested I modify the Baked Onion Rings recipe from her book (The Happy Herbivore). Yes! That seemed like the perfect solution. I had everything I need on hand and all I needed was to crank up the oven. 

I did give the honor of being New Veggie #39 to Green Tomatoes. Since they're basically raw tomatoes I'm not going to do a veggie fact of the day today. They're crunchy and tangy and full of fresh vitamins and minerals. Yum!

The recipe is copyrighted. But my modifications aren't. Here's the additional spices I added to the dry 'breading' mix in Lindsay's recipe. A teaspoon each of amchoor (dried mango powder), black salt and red chilli powder and a pinch of roasted cumin powder. That's it. Um Umm good!! 


  1. Awesome! These look amazing! glad to find you via HH's post on facebook!

    1. Thanks Richa!! They were really tasty too :-) crunchy and tangy!!