October 11, 2012

10 min Red Beans & Rice

So I often make my version of comfort food ... Rajma (Red Beans & Rice) the Indian way and it takes a while. Some days are meant for a quick and easy - plug it, set it, leave it recipe. This is that 10 min version of Red Beans & Rice :) I love this version because its a ONE-POT meal .. and those are the best kind! 

Red Beans & Rice
Prep Time: 15 min from start to finish


  1. 2 cans of Red Kidney Beans or Pinto Beans (or one of each!)
  2. 1 can of Diced Tomatoes
  3. 1 medium Onion, minced in a food processor
  4. 1 cup Brown Rice
  5. 1 tbsp Ginger-Garlic Paste
  6. 2 tsp Cumin
  7. 2 tsp Garam Masala
  8. Salt to taste
Add everything to the pressure cooker with 1.5 cups of water and cook under high pressure for 10 min. The cook time is essentially for the brown rice because everything else is pre-cooked. If you're using a stove-top, allow it to reach full pressure, reduce heat to medium and cook for 10 min. Release steam immediately. Mix with a wooden spatula, garnish with freshly cracked black pepper and serve.

You could also make this in a slow cooker (if you're using canned beans), else the beans will need to be pre-cooked. Or you could make this on the stove-top - adjust water to 2 cups (as some of it will evaporate in a pot), and cook until rice is tender. 

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