March 10, 2012

.... China Town, San Francisco

So our first day in San Francisco and we found this hole in the wall restaurant which we'd found the last time we were in SF. A rather talkative, yet very sweet old Chinese lady, a curio-shop owner in China town recommended it. ... "its where the (Chinese) locals eat" - Capital Family Style Restaurant.

Somebody loved his Chicken & Broccoli
Tony and I love Chinese food ... and hence went looking for this same place. I ordered Broccoli in Oyster Sauce and it was amazing. Barely steamed and crunchy. The oyster sauce (probably not 100% plant based) was mildly sweet and had lovely flavor. Even the soy sauce in this place tasted so much better than the bottled stuff back home (probably because it was loaded with salt!).

Broccoli in Oyster Sauce

White Rice with Broccoli
Overall a great way to start off our few days in SF!!!

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