March 2, 2012

Creamy Tortilla Soup

This past weekend, I finally invested in a KitchenAid Stand/Stick blender. I hate digging my jar blender or food processor out for small tasks and invariably would end up whisking/mashing/fork mixing foods that required blending. I used my new gadget tonight and my, oh my!!! I am so in love with it already .. and also with my Vegetarian Tortilla Soup. I followed my old recipe to a tee and then in the end, used my new stick blender on it until it was nice and smooth and creamy. 

Creamy Tortilla Soup
Nik's Reaction: Being all of 2 years and 9 months old, he wasn't sure exactly how to eat soup from a bowl. But when I showed him how to dip his tortilla chips in it .. he loved it!! He spent the next 15 minutes double & triple dipping his chips and sucking on them until soggy (kinda gross ... but he ate the soup!!)  

My Assessment: I LOVED IT!!! I know its my own recipe, & I'm a tortilla-soup addict ... but this turned out really good!! All I added as a garnish was freshly ground black pepper and some crushed nacho chips!!

Creamy Chicken Tortilla Soup

Update March 3, 2012: We had leftovers from last night for dinner this evening and since T was home, I added some shredded chicken to his bowl and the soup was a hit with him as well :) ..!!


  1. Yup dreamy and creamy! And the bowl is so gorgeous, have to ask if you made it!