November 11, 2012

HH Butter Bean Cookies w Chocolate

So I've posted about these HH Butter Bean cookies before. They're an amazing way to make kids eat healthy cookies, with lots of protein, and without added fat. So much better than Oreos or Chips Ahoy! The original recipe can be found here. The reason I'm re-posting this recipe is because of the latest modification. 

HH Butter Bean Cookies w Chocolate
So I shared the recipe for these cookies with a friend at work. And she shared it with another colleague at work. In the end it so happened that the last person to use this recipe decided that they wanted these cookies to be chocolate chip cookies ... so she substituted a half a cup of cocoa instead of flour. 

I've always made a double batch of this recipe. The original calls only for a half a cup of Butter Beans and a 15oz can has just a little more than 1 cup. It was just easier to double the recipe and use all the beans because these cookies don't last long in my house. So in a double batch, instead of using 2 cups of flour, Jessica decided to use 1.5 cups of flour and 0.5 cup of Pure Cocoa powder. The result was simply phenomenal. 

... check out the gooey center of the cookie on the right!
My Assessment: I think I like this version a lot better than the non-chocolate version!

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